Mulmangcho Foundation

Mulmangcho Open School is a non-profit organization that host classes for North Korean refugees in the foundation’s classroom in Seoul, South Korea. The School hosts thirty adult students ranging from twenty-five to eighty years old. In addition to providing academic courses, the School also provides a range of services such as psychological treatment and vocational training.  The curriculum cover subjects that are necessary in everyday life, such as personal finance, law, culture, and the arts.

The mission of Mulmangcho Open School is to prepare young students to become future leaders in the Korea's unification process, and hosts programs such as DMZ Walk and other networking experiences with current leaders in education, public service, business, and the arts.

To learn more about Mulmangcho's programs, please download their English brochure here.

Seungwoo,Ouiyruk, DC classmates.jpeg

North Korean Refugee Aid

North Korea Refugee Aid works with the Mulmangcho School in South Korea to develop custom study-abroad opportunities for young North Korean refugees who have little experience with the Western world.

Through its network and relationships with U.S.-based colleges and Universities, North Korea Refugee Aid gives these students the chance to pursue their dreams. Below are some examples of the programs North Korea Refugee Aid has helped create:

University of LaVerne

  • Ms. Chun-young Kang is a sophomore at Seoul National University majoring in Management. Born in Pyongyang in 1993, she left North Korea and came to South Korea in 2009.

  • Ms. Jeh-sun Lee is a junior at Sogang University majoring in political science and diplomacy. She was born in 1991 in Hyesan, North Korea and came to South Korea in 2011.

Lado Institute

  • Mr. Seung-woo Yeom is a junior at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, majoring in advertisement. He was born in Hyesan in 1990 and came to South Korea in 2004. He wants to work for a public institution. His dream is to work in public outreach sector related to Korea's unification. 

  • Mr. Young-ho Park is a junior at Dongguk University, majoring in police administration. He was born in Kimchaek, North Korea and came to South Korea in 2010. His dream is to become a police officer in the unified Korea.

University of California Berkeley

  • Ms. Oak Seo is returning to Berkeley's English Studies Institute. She is a senior at Dongguk University majoring in political science and diplomacy. She attended ESI last summer, and is returning to continue her language studies.