Oak Seo takes a breather form setting up the stage for Children's Day at Mulmangcho

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the North Korean Refugee Aid (NKRA) website. 

NKRA is made up of a group of American angels and supporters who are interested in helping those women, men, and children who have escaped from North Korea in search of a new and better life.

They have overcome tremendous challenges in their journey to freedom, especially women and children, and they need special help in adjusting to democratic way of life.

With the help of South Korean government, the majority of the 30,000 refugees in South Korea are successful in making the adjustment to the new world, but many experience hardship.

From the United States, NKRA works directly with the Mulmangcho Foundation, an organization created to help North Koreans adapt to their new life: 

  • Provide treatment and programs for those women who have suffered inordinate amount of trauma during their escape

  • To provide education and counseling for those children who have roamed the streets in search of food

  • To help older children with their educational needs in high school and college

  • To provide scholarship for refugee students to study in America

  • To help and counsel young refugees attain employment

  • To care for former POW’s who escape from North Korea after six plus decades of incarceration

  • To engage the public in discussions and programs about human rights conditions in North Korea via seminars and publishing

We invite you to learn about this worthy cause and check in with us now and then to stay up on the latest news concerning the refugee situation. We welcome any contribution, big or small, and we are happy to let you know that they are tax deductible.


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